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Well hello there! i'm Maria Goretti. People use to call me, Maria. Born on 02nd May . From Miri but stay at Bintangor.I love my God, familys, friends and my boyfriend:) ♥. I hate those backstabber that always judging me. You don't know the true story of me so please be nice to me, im kind actually:D Dont spit on my name! Religion is my priority, Family is part of my life, Friends is my mentor, and my boyfriend is my soul.

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Adore You
 Hey guy, long time not see..come closer Maria nak cite sikit sal Maria slme ni...guy..maria now betol betol keliru..i dont know, mcm mana nak luah kan..but really adore him..but he just my friend..Maria sggup tahan perasaan cemburu..seksa maria demi kebahagian si dia..sejak skolah dulu maria slalu intai dia...caring sal dia..but Maria tak prnah nk terlintas nak rosakkan our friendship...demi kebahagiaan si dia at last Maria accept Fadli than Maria try to safe our friendship..even for 5 yr Maria adore him...but Maria relex jaa...Maria tak nak gelojoh...bcuz jodoh adalah rahsia tuhan...kita manusia hanya merancang ja...nak tau boy need laa..segan maria nak bagitau..yg pnting boy tu baek and sweet...

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